I have always had trouble uploading sketches to my Arduino UNO. I am finally happy to have resolved this issue. I haven’t spent a lot of time fixing this since I have a couple of other MEGA’s and a duemilanove which works splendidly. However, since the due and one of the MEGAs is in use right now, and I am having even more trouble programming my attiny85’s and am currently out of 13’s and 328’s and every other mcu that I normally stock, it looks like it is time to confront this UNO problem. :)

A lovely video <here>¬†explains the process lucidly and quickly. But I will give a short re-cap if you don’t feel like following youtube links.

  • Plug in your arduino UNO and let it try and fail to install the device driver.
  • Go to Device Manager.
  • Right click on the arduino UNO driver that it couldn’t install properly and click on update driver.
  • Choose to do it manually (browse).
  • Click on the option below, “let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”.
  • Go down and select modems (yes, you read correctly, modems)
  • On the left panel, find and select Compaq
  • On the right panel scroll to the bottom and select the ricochet wireless usb driver
  • Say yes to the complaint upon hitting next
  • Now go find this driver under modems, right click on it and go to properties
  • Under the modem tab on the top, change the “maximum port speed” to 9600 (the default for arduino most of the time)
  • And under the Advanced tab, and the “advanced port settings” button, note the COM port number used so you know what to use in the arduino application.
  • Done! It should work perfectly now.

The way I understand that this is working is that it just happens to use the same communication. So lucky us. Don’t ask for a better explanation from me because unfortunately I can’t provide a better one.


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  1. That is weird. Perhaps try searching for windows 8 modem drivers? Sorry I can't help more than that.
  2. Michael:
    When I do this, there is no option for "modem" in the driver list. Do you know how I can get that to show up? Thanks!
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