All electronics soldered and tested and I got the base assembled and the first sheet (64) of LEDs in place! 7 more sheets to go and the cube is done! The software works so far, even if I can only see the animations of the first 64 LEDs. Only problem is that I ran out of flash on the microcontroller… I have less than 1k left, maybe enough for one good animation (on top of the 5 I already have programmed). I am looking into upgrading to the ATmega1284P so that I can include many many many more patterns / animations. It would be a splendid upgrade, I just need to make sure everything else is compatible. I made a couple adjustments (improvements) to the hardware today that greatly improve modifying compatibility for future upgrades. Mostly this means bringing components to more accessible parts of the board and optimizing the method for soldering on LEDs. If I do not finish everything tomorrow, it should easily be finished by next weekend!!! I am perfectly on schedule :)

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