First version of the laser tag gun PCBs ordered. It is a test batch to see what is missing (hopefully nothing) and what needs to be changed. I will likely at least have some form fitting to take care of once I finally get my 3D printer and can start prototyping the casing. This is the current shape the board needs to be to fit into the gun best. The four pictures below show different layers of the board revealed. It is a 5cm x 17.5cm board with 2-layers. It could easily be shrunk further. Especially since I am using almost exclusively SMD parts and only using the top layer! This is mainly so that it will be easier to solder components via a heated bed but in the final version of the board I will for sure move at least a third of the components to the back side and make most (if not all) the mounting pinheads SMD and not through hole. No screw holes are needed, it slides into place on the 3D model.

The main feature of the board is the central atmega2560 (center right of the board). On the left there are some 74HC595’s and on the right a MCP23017. Between these and port L of the mcu all of the displays are handled. The various other LEDs and receivers are located on the periphery of the board nearest to where they are on the gun.


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