This time the sniper gestalts have been converted in Maya LT to their individual gun parts. Here are the files (still learning Maya so I don’t know how to export to a better format). I have been making the polys into solids using meshmixer. I got one of the maliwan SMGs to be able to print on my 3D printer using this method (printing now). Not sure how I’m going to print something as large as a sniper though :)

Download Maya files here. All the parts are split up by layer. Includes exports as OBJ, FBX, and Maya LT along with Maya save file.

To see a break-down of how I split the gestalts, see my on-going google doc (scroll down for sniper).


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  1. Dopefiend:
    Is there any chance I would be able to get the library of part models from you? I would love to add these all to Borderlands 1 as usable weapons via modding. I have tried separating these models countless times and haven't had much luck. I would be glad to give credit where it is due. Thanks!
  2. John:
    Amazing! I've been having a hard time for a couple years now trying to find good 3D models from Borderlands for printing. Would you please have the files for Jakobs revolvers? Most specifically this model: Which I believe to be a full Jakobs. I'm looking forward to printing a pair of this for só long!
  3. Chaos85:
    I've been going through the SMG file and breaking out the groups in Blender and am getting to the point where I can "assemble" whatever gun I'm currently using in game within Blender (which has taken a couple of months since I've been working with the raw SMG_obj.obj file). I haven't started in on the snipers yet but I feel it's going to be a lot of the same (and my wife complaining that I'm tying up the Xbox by streaming so I can get all the parts grouped correctly). What I'm really looking for is the rest of the weapons files - rifles, pistols, shotguns and rocket launchers. I'm still pretty new to 3D modeling but I'm hoping to eventually be able to print off the various gun combos for use in cosplay.
    • Did I not post all the files? I sorted them all already for every weapon type. I'll make another post shortly providing the link... Another thing to note for 3D printing them is that the models need some mesh correcting after putting them together (there are a lot of holes between halves for some of the guns (namely maliwan)).
    • Hmmm... I can't find the folder on my hard drive. I will have to recall where I put it. I don't remember it being too hard though once you get in the rhythm. The first weapon class took me a while but then I think I did every other weapon class in under 30 mins. I still plan on 3D printing the Maliwan SMG (w/ hyperion stock) when I finish printing Fire Emblem and Destiny props :)
  4. Chaos85:
    Awesome! Thanks for providing this. Any time frame on when you might have the rest of weapons?
    • Thanks Chaos85! I have since separated all the gun parts in the game and assigned them properly to each manufacturer and gun type. If you are looking for a particular combo, just let me know and I can post it for you. Sorry it took me so long to reply, been out for a while :)
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