I haven’t been able to follow many good tutorials on this so hopefully this will be helpful for both me and anyone else trying to do the same thing as me. I am using the SAM-BA because for some reason BOSSA won’t install correctly. Follow this article to get started installing the driver correctly.

Once inside the SAM-BA assistant, the following steps were executed:

  • Boot from Flash (GPNVM1)
  • Enable Flash access
  • Send .bin file
    • “no” to lock
  • restart MCU

One thing that caught me up for several chips (ashamedly now) was that to re-flash the MCU I needed to ERASE the flash first and that this couldn’t be done through USB programming (AKA the SAM-BA). I had to solder on a switch to PC0 (the ERASE pin). This will be fixed in the next board revision along with the (still) many mistakes I keep finding.

Its great that I am able to program these ARMs now using the SAM-BA but I am sort of glad it took me so much work because along the way I became quite skilled at the clean removal of TQFN and QFN packages along with the ability to solder these packages in seconds using drag soldering and better motor-control skills. I am at a place now in my soldering that I never even thought I COULD be at :) This really opens up the playing field when selecting components to buy.

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