The Rev.6 PCBs arrived this week as did many of the components in bulk that I ordered. The 3D printer is working great and the final V17 design seems to be working great. All components fit in the enclosures inside the gun and the print quality is good (it can always be improved though!). Optics are working splendid in their housing in the gun even! Getting back to the code for the new MCU (SAM3X8C), I have finally figured out the remainder of how ARM programming had been stumping me. I wish there were better guides more easily traceable. AT91 is great but seems unpopulated.

I was disappointed with the ASF libraries for the LCD and GFX so I wrote my own and they perform much nicer (and actually correctly) but aren’t as comprehensive since I don’t need a lot of them. I finish tonight with the Ibex proudly displayed on the LCD and text of all sizes and fonts able to display properly. Tomorrow and this weekend will finish the menu system and data structures. After that, all that needs work before testing will be the IR, PWM, and IO parts (much much easier!).


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Lucina / Chrom Sword (Fire Emblem)


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