Its nice having the printer working now. Printed Ragnell in 2 x 6 pieces (split it in half horizontally, then chopped it in 6 length segments). Individual part gcode posted below. If you want other file formats, just ask (either here, or on thingiverse (user: onyxibex)). Had to split the stl file by importing into netfabb (free version) and then doing all the slices (jig’d slices) and then exporting and importing into meshmixer where I could re-combine the split stl files into the 6 pieces needed. Then just mirror to get the other half (or just print the same ones and turn around (they are almost all identical)). If you are printing on a smaller printer, you will need to re-trace these steps for your printer. Once I had all the pieces, heat weld with a soldering iron. I’d like to try DCM (dichloromethane) for the welds but I don’t think that the health hazard is worth it.


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Lucina / Chrom Sword (Fire Emblem)


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