This drift trike houses a 1500W hub motor on a fat tire in the front powered by a 10Ah 13S Li ion pack. PVC in the back for drifting like craaaaayyyyyy craaaayy! Underglow on the buttom (duh) and abattery checker on the battery (inside the ammo box). Modified front fork and (obviously) rear axle/clasp/wheel. The front disc brake was welded on because the momentum of the front tire kept ripping the brakes off the fork. Marine battery switch used to switch on/off power to prevent pitting of the switch (this switch is perfect). We took it up to the park for 2 hours and it was still only at 48% when we got back. Obviously not playing hard enough.

I have had some problems with the rear right wheel (the side I drift most on) breaking the hub of the wheel. This has happened 3 times now. Twice I have been able to repair the hub with parts from the other broken hubs. Hopefully it is solved now. Not sure why it isn’t holding up under the conditions when it happened…

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