A simple Laser Turret that I built tonight. It can either be controlled manually from an arduino serial monitor or it defaults to autonomous mode where it just goes a bit crazy by picking random starting and stopping coordinates as well as a random firing speed and number of shots. For more info, take a gander at the code below! The hardest part was getting audio and servos running together on an arduino and it took some modifications of the libraries involved to space the timers properly (library documents attached).

The 3D printed base was quickly whipped up and could use improvements (such as holes for wires and mounting for the speaker. If you make one, you should customize it to fit your servos of course.

MegaServo (modified servo library [arduino mega only])

PCMsoundMEGA (modified audio library [arduino mega only]).

laser_turret_audio (arduino code)



20151020_174845 20151020_174856 LaserTurret_CAD_side LaserTurret 20151019_230818 20151019_230830 20151019_230842 20151019_230854 20151019_230905 20151019_231024 20151019_231030 20151019_233654 20151019_233702 20151019_233715 20151019_233955 20151020_174344


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