The LED light strips I got from the 3M auction a few months ago have been working brilliantly. They are MUCH brighter than I expected. Definitely too bright to even glance at. In a good way of course :)

Thought I would post some pictures here (I’ll post more later).

In case anyone has a need, I have between 1,000 and 2,000 strips (each strip is 24″ long). They run on 24VDC and have a dim line that you can tie a potentiostat (or whatever you want) to dim between full brightness and off. They consume about 150mA (after warming up to equilibrium) per 8″ segment. There are 3 x 8″ seqments per 24″ strip (the strip can be cut in 8″ segments if desired).

box-of-bags strip-in-bag individual-strip bag-of-10


And here is what I have been turning them into (below). There are two 1300 mAh 3S lipo’s in series stuffed into an aluminum square tube and sealed at the ends with 3D printed end caps. One end has a power switch and a XT60 connector for charging and the other end has a built-in potentiometer for dimming. The light strip is cut to 16″ and mounted with VHB double sided tape along the length of the tube. The other side of the tube is VHB taped with several small 12 lbs magnets (more than enough to hold onto anything). Currently I have been adding 24-36 lbs of magnetic hold so that it can grip circular poles easier. This makes for a great portable flood light whether to attach to your car, in your tent, outdoors night sports, event lighting, whatever! It has been demonstrating between 4.25 ~ 5 hours of battery life between charges (without over-discharging of course). For these, the batteries are the most expensive part of the build. It would be possible to pack more charge in the same volume but the price skyrockets.

20151008_211130 20150921_232514 20150921_223908 20150921_232526 20150921_223843

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