I tinker with electronics, programming, robotics, chemistry, baking, welding, blacksmithing, 3D printing, CNC milling, PCB fabrication, art in engineering, UAV / drones, renewable power sources, and anything invention oriented.

I like to rock climb, mountain bike, hike, play soccer, ultimate frsibee, broomball, hockey, run, or pretty much anything outdoors.

Capran Dreams
Did you know
Goats have been seen to give each other tattoos
Fun fact
A goat can eat through nearly anything and have been reported to even eat through steel
The average goat
can jump 3 meters high, can run up to 45 mph, and can fight off bears, tigers, and lions easily
Have you ever noticed
goats can change their hair color to match their surroundings
Did you know
The alpine ibex holds the record for fastest ascent of Mt Everest in under 2 hours (4x faster than the fastest human ascent)
A long time ago
Capra were the dominant species of our planet over all other animals
Contact Me: (sasha at onyxibex com)
Lucina / Chrom Sword (Fire Emblem)


About this site:

This is my personal webpage where I store documents and document projects and project ideas, maybe there is an idea for a store :)

I sometimes block all emails, messages, and comments from this site depending on how well the spam shields are holding. The most assured way of contacting me is through my youtube channel, my instructables account, or my thingiverse profile (probably in that order).

Calculating sub-orbital trajectories...