This is my personal collection of academic documents since my entrance into graduate school for selected courses. If you would like assistance in a class, contact me and I am always happy to help. Whether you know me or not, I am always open to teaching. Also, if I forget to post a document from a class and you would like me to post it, contact me.

The documents on this page are password protected in an attempt to keep my documents pseduo-protected. I am willing to share this password with anyone at my school, or anyone who gives any reason to want to have access. Just don’t re-post my documents somewhere else! Contact me below to request the password.

Lucina / Chrom Sword (Fire Emblem)


About this site:

This is my personal webpage where I store documents and document projects and project ideas, maybe there is an idea for a store :)

I sometimes block all emails, messages, and comments from this site depending on how well the spam shields are holding. The most assured way of contacting me is through my youtube channel, my instructables account, or my thingiverse profile (probably in that order).

Calculating sub-orbital trajectories...