Hidden Blade v2

This is the project page for the Dual-Action Out-the-Front (DA OTF) Hidden Blades.


First off, open this pdf for the instructables version. It contains pictures and some details on assembly. It does not include the CAD files though.


Autodesk Inventor CAD files (.ipt) can be downloaded here. I warn you not to print them as they are because they will not work together yet. There are a few design flaws that I am still working out. I will update all my pages when I eventually finish this. It is doubtful I will ever get around to finishing these designs unfortunately. If someone does fix them, please let me know :)

To download all .ipt and .dwg files in a zip, click here.

To download all files in autoCAD-DWG format (in a zip), click here.

To download all files in .stl format (in a zip), click here.





Wheel Holder

Sliding Key 1

Sliding Key 2 (this one has a slightly different butt)

Flipper (need 2 of these)


More pictures for reference:

kickercomplete mechanism case2 case c5 c4 c3 c2 c1 blade wheel2 wheel wheel holder paddle mechanism slide P1000335 P1000334 P1000333 P1000332 P1000331 P1000329 P1000328 P1000327 P1000326 P1000324 P1000323 P1000322 P1000321 P1000320 P1000319 P1000022 P1000043 P1000039 P1000032 P1000031 P1000030 P1000028 P1000027P1000336 hb-200 hb-150 P1000345 P1000344 P1000342 P1000339 P1000338 P1000337P1000259 P1000267 P1000266 P1000265 P1000264 P1000263 P1000262 P1000261 P1000260 P1000270P1000276 P1000309 P1000308 P1000307 P1000306 P1000305 P1000304 P1000303 P1000302 P1000282 P1000281 P1000280 P1000279 P1000278 P1000277P1000310 P1000318 P1000317 P1000316 P1000315 P1000314 P1000313 P1000312 P1000311

Lucina / Chrom Sword (Fire Emblem)


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